Refund Policy

Details about Refund Policy at

Refund Policy aging:

You can apply for refund within 1 month since the date you received the goods. Detail rules as follows:

Full refund

1.When you receive your item and find quality problem,we will refund to you fully. Which exists using problem in the hardware, 
software or adapters.

2.If we send wrong item to you, which is our responsibility to refund full item value and pay the extra fee for you.

Item Lack of Stock 

1. If product is out of stock, we will send email to ask if you want to change or get refund. If you want to get refund, we will refund the money for this goods to you, if this order still have other things, we will send the rest to you. If you want to cancel the order, we will refund full money to you.
2. When the product is lost in transit to you by shipping company, we will refund fully or send you a new good item again.
3. When the product is lost in transit to you by shipping company, we will refund fully or resend you a new good item.

Partial refund

1. If you order the wrong products, please send the full parcel back to use, we will refund your money, but need to reduce the shipping fee we send to you first time.
2. If you did not place the wrong order, but you have use it, and did not want it any more and want to send it back to us. we need to reduce the shipping fee we ship to you first, and also will charge you 10% handling fee.

Cancellation Policy

You can get a full refund if you make cancellation within 24hours. Because usually we will ship out package within 24 hours, for get full refund, please send us a cancellation note via order center or email.

If your cancellation made after 24 hours, please contact our customer service first, you can easily get touch with our customer service via email or any online contact method like skype, whatsapp or online chat. If customer service confirm your order have not been ship out, you can get a full refund

 If your order has been proceed but have not get out of China(including Hongkong area), you can still cancel our order but you have to pay for the cancellation fee.(Detail fee please consult customer service for you order)

 If the order already out of China, the order can not be canceled. If you want cancel it, you need send it back after you receive the package and you will need to undertaken the return fee.