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Product Description

With advanced diagnostic functions, 10000+ car models support, affordable budget, OTOFIX D1 PRO can be the top 1 cost-effective car scanner among professional diagnostic tools within 1000+ bucks. Powered by matured technology and fully updated CPU configuration & memory storage, this OTOFIX automotive scanner deeply checks every accessible vehicle system and runs 3x faster diagnostic speed than other scanners (via the updated V1 VCI ), without slow response and lagging.

2024 OTOFIX D1 PRO Car Diagnostic Scanner ECU Coding 40+ Services OE-Level Full System Diagnostic Tool



1. Two Years Free Update Online. After two years, OTOFIX D1 PRO One Year Software Update charges 199 USD / Year.
2. Multi-language: It supports for 16 languages.
3. Supports bi-directional control to perform active tests to check the component's functionality.
4. Exclusive diagnostic and repair tips database created by Cloud-based MaxiFix online community.
5. New CANFD / DoIP Protocol: V1 VCI is compliant with CANFD (for GM models) and DoIP (for BMW / Land Rover / Benz / Volvo / GM / VW / Audi) that automatically identifies vehicle information and accelerates data transmission. OTOFIX D1 PRO gives you a wider range of model support.
6. Auto Scan 2.0, WiFi Print, Auto VIN, Pre-Post Scan, Cloud Report Management (send via mail, message, and QR code).
8. technology can automatically identify the vehicle's make, model, and year information in no time.
9. Reflash hidden functions for VW, Audi and Skoda.
10. ECU Online Coding for Audi, Skoda and VW.
11. VAG Guided Functions for VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Man LD and Bentley.
12. 40+ Services
13. FCA AutoAuto & Renault SGW are supported.

Support Add-on Modules:
OTOFIX D1 PRO car scan tool extends diagnostic capacity by working with a videoscope module (MV108S) & battery tester (BT1 Lite). The more checks for narrow crevices & vehicle batteries, the more accurate the diagnostic results and the easier the problems are solved.
Note: The add-on tools are sold separately.
You can also subscribe to advanced features of Volkswagen and Audi including online coding, online IMMO, and hidden function renewal via an in-app purchase.


The OTOFIX D1 Pro is built to take your diagnostics experience to a whole new level, supporting smart diagnosis for all available vehicle systems and featuring multiple service functions. As an advanced intelligent automotive diagnostics analyzer, the D1 Pro offers exceptional OE-level diagnostics and DTC analysis. Combined with the OTOFIX cloud service, it provides one-stop solutions from diagnosis to repair. Extensive vehicle coverage for about 53 US, Asian and European 10000+ vehicle models included, this OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool brings you more business.

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1. 2024 New Fast Powerful Scanner, Upgraded Of OTOFIX D1 & D1 Plus:
Powered by Master-Level technology, 2024 OTOFIX D1 PRO obd2 scanner for car gathers first-rate programs and OE diagnostic functions to respond the needed repair tasks with Online Coding, Programmable Module Installation, Personalization, 40+ Service Functions, Active Test, Guided Functions, Auto VIN 2.0, etc.
2. One-stop Cloud Data Management: MaxiFix Cloud Solution, Report Management. OTOFIX report management provides cloud storage and computing services that automatically backup diagnostic data / reports. So you don't need to be concerned about data loss. This scanner allows you to share/review data via QR code/email/message to others and print the reports into pages via WiFi.
3. OE Full Diagnostics & Bi-directional Control: D1 PRO diagnostic scanner for all cars can access all available vehicle modules such as engine, AT, TPMS, PCM, BCM, ECM, etc., and perform a series of OE-level diagnostics. Due to active tests, OTOFIX D1 PRO can directly send commands to vehicle ECU, test the actuators, and pinpoint faults at your fingertips. Pre-post scanning will generate contrastive reports, which benefit data analysis and trouble location.
4. Increasing Diagnostic Helps & Vehicle Coverage: Guided functions are helpful for VAG models like VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat, without needing to enter security codes or channel numbers, providing step-by-step guidance for ECU calibration, active tests, function settings, etc., making the diagnostic process much easier. OTOFIX D1 PRO Bluetooth OBD2 scanner could skip the Renault gateway(Additional charges apply), smoothing the whole procedure and efficiency.
5. Fast AutoScan 2.0, Diagnostics with Seconds: Configured with newest Android 10.0 OS, faster CPU, bigger 4+128GB memory, lasting 15000mAh battery, smooth 10.1-inch screen, OTOFIX D1 PRO car scanner lasts longer standby time, higher efficiency, and no more speed lagging. BT + WiFi dual connection & CANFD/DoIP leads wireless diagnostics, no need for extra adapters. Updated AutoScan 2.0 improves vehicle fast identification and steps into "fast lane" diagnostic speed in seconds.
6. Outstanding Hardware:
15000mAh Battery: One full charge works comfortably for a long-lasting use period of over 15 hours.
Bigger 4GB+128GB Memory: Extended memory capacity (from 64GB to 128GB) allows you to save all diagnostic reports and resources without caring for narrow storage.
BT & WiFi Connection: Establish more stable communication with the vehicles to perform diagnostics.
V1 VCI: Featuring new Auto Scan 2.0 that runs automatic vehicle identification and 3x faster system diagnostics. Plug to communicate with vehicles, no more need for extra adapters. Compatible with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA, Renault, PSA, etc.

OTOFIX D1 PRO Functions:

1. D1 PRO OE-level Diagnostics: New Technology, New Features Diagnoses Your Car In A Few Minutes

OTOFIX D1 PRO, a new generation of full system diagnostic scanner, provides reading codes, viewing live data, checking ECU version information, clearing faulty codes, etc., which can not check Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, Throttle, TPMS, Battery, IMMO system, but also detect all parts of the vehicle ECU. Other diagnostic tools only work on the specific brand vehicle. OTOFIX D1 PRO can serve VW, Audi, Skoda, Renault, Hyundai, Volvo, Ford, Benz, etc. Highly detailed diagnostics cases are available for you to consult anytime. Capabilities for codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, etc. Read / clear codes for all available systems. Display live data in text, graph & analog for easy data review.


2. Advanced ECU Coding

Featuring powerful online ECU coding, the OTOFIX D1 PRO diagnostic scan tool can code, match, relearn, and initialize the newly replaced ECU for V-W, Sko-da, Peugeot, Citroen, DS. Personalization allows mechanics to activate/disable some functions, turning the vehicle to the customer's preference. Offline coding for 25+ models and programmable module installation (for For-d) can help you write preset ECU data to match the new modules.


3. 40+ Services for Repair Shops

With great power of 40+ service functions, the OTOFIX D1 PRO car diagnostic scanner covers almost 99% of daily repairs for wide vehicles. The services include but are not limited to Oil Reset, EPB Reset, TPMS Reset, ABS Bleeding, Injector Coding, Throttle Matching, etc. Mechanics can do reset, initialization, adaptation for replacing new components, or turning off the MIL. Note: these functions are not accessible for all cars, please confirm with us before purchase.


4. Bi-directional Control

OTOFIX D1 PRO is a bi-directional scan tool featuring various active tests that can send commands to check vehicle system is in good condition or not. Bi-directional control brings you effective diagnostics to locate vehicle problems within 10 minutes. It can work on most ECUs such as windows, doors, wipers, headlamps, rear lights, actuators, pumps, valves etc., and operate compression tests, door locking tests, sound horn tests, etc., saving you more time and cost.

5. VAG Guided Functions

Designed for VAG vehicles (for Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, etc), guided functions can skip over the security access/channel number to reduce the vehicle authority limitation and ease your diagnostics process. This scanner for all cars also provides OE-level tips & step-by-step instructions for reference and simplifies complicated diagnostics.

6. Auto Scan 2.0

Once you upgrade the VCI to the newest version, Auto Scan 2.0 empowers the OTOFIX D1 PRO car diagnostic scanner to automatically identify vehicle information, get VIN code, and quickly operate all-system full-function diagnostics with 3x faster speed, without any manual selecting & inputting. Compatible with CAN vehicles, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Ford, Renault, Dacia, Samsung, Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Mini, etc.

7. Programmable Module Installation: Program data to a new module and introduce it to the car system. Compatible with Ford, Mazda, etc.

8. Online IMMO: Read online PIN codes for Audi, VW, etc.

Compatible with DoIP & CAN FD protocols, the OTOFIX D1 PRO diagnostic scan tool can run faster speed data transfer and diagnostics, which can serve more models like BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, VW, etc.

10. Access to Renault Models
The OTOFIX D1 PRO automotive scanner provides access to Renault models (Additional charges apply) in North American Regions (the USA, Canada, and Mexico). It empowers you to perform diagnostic functions without restriction like bi-directional tests, clearing fault codes, calibrations, etc.

11. New Pre-Post Scanning
Pre-post scanning will record the vehicle status before and after the diagnostics, which can facilitate the mechanic to know the problems and develop a suitable repair plan, and also let the customer know the repair project and cost. The Pre & Post reports can be saved, printed, or mailed to the customers.

12. Cloud Report Management
All the diagnostic reports can be stored in the Cloud Server and save your tablet storage space. Once you need to print or share these reports (by QR code, sending a message, and sending mails.), just download them from the cloud server and connect the PC and printer for paper archive or analysis. All maintenance reports are stored in the cloud, allowing you to view device and test records anytime, anywhere.

13. Easier Maintenance with Comprehensive Service Functions:
Oil Reset, EPB Reset, TPMS, BMS, Brake Bleed, Aftertreatment, Immo Keys, Injector, SAS, Suspension, Throttle, WIN DR ROOF, Seats, Odometer. Lang Change, Headlamp, CHG Tire Size, TEC Learn, ABS/SRS, Cylinder, VGT Learn, Speed & PTO, Clutch, Trans Adapation, Airbag Reset, A/F Setting, Automatic Start/Stop, Electronic Water Pump Start, EGR, VIN, FRM Reset, Transport Mode, HV Battery, ACC, AC, Rain/Light Sensor.
OTOFIX D1 PRO Specifications:
Processor: Kryo Cold with 2.2GHZ
Operating System: Android 10.0
Storage: 128GB
Display: 10.1" capacitive touchscreen with 1920*1200 resolution
Battery: 15,000 mAh
Camera: 16M
Connectivity: USB / Bluetooth
WiFi: WiFi 5
Storage Temperature: -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Working Temperature: 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)

Package List:
1pc x D1 PRO Main Unit
1pc x OTOFIX V1
1pc x Type-C USB Cable
1pc x AC/DC External Power Adapter
1pc x USB to Ethernet Adapter
1pc x Auxiliary Power Outlet Adapter
2pcs x Spare Fuses(6 x 30 mm)
1pc x Packing list
1pc x Quick reference guide
1pc x Soft Cloth
1pc x Carrying Case(480 x 362 x 142 mm)

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