IMMO Updates for Autel MaxiIM IM508 & Autel MaxiIM IM608 ( for BENZ SMART)

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IMMO updates for Autel MaxiIM IM508 & Autel MaxiIM  IM608

-IMM0_Benz V3.90
1. Change ELV (address blocking) (0BD): read, delete, write, synchronize, delete the TP protection, enable and disable keys, lock and unlock on models: W210 and W208.
2. Supports generating keys quickly in total loss of keys for FBS3 vehicles (with G-BOX) with EZS / EIS W215 (K).
3. Supports generating keys in total loss of keys for FBS3 vehicles (with G-BOX) with EIS / EZS W215 (K) and W230 (K).

—IMMO_Benz Sprinter V3.90
1. Optimized software scrutiny

-IMMO Smart V3.90
1. Supports key programming, read the number of keys in memory for models: Smart450 -2002, Smart450 2002-, Smart451, and Smart453.

2. Supports reading password and configuration recovery for the Smart453.

—IMMO_Volkswagen V4.0
1. Add several parts replacement functions in the Inmo adaptation section for EXPERT mode.
lnmo3: Instrument Panel, Motor Control Unit, Immo Control Unit.
lnmo4: Engine Control Unit, Instrument Panel, Passat-B6 / CC contortion module, EZS (A6 / Q7 / Allroad).
Kessy (A8 / Phaeton / Touareg / Bentley / Cayenne), Steering Column Lock, TCU (A6 / Q7 / Allroad)

MQB: Engine control unit (Some models)