How To Deal With Autel AL619 read clear Land Rover ABS codes without issue

Managed to finally get a hold of an Autel AL619 ABS/SRS/OBD2 Scan tool after hearing from various sources on the forum that it will work for Land Rover ABS codes. Wanted to piece together some useful information for anyone interested in picking up the tool. I'm in no way affiliated with Autel or anything of the like, I just wanted to relay my experiences to anyone interested in clearing their codes.

It does in fact work, and it works WELL. Ordered it on for $26.95 on Monday and received it at the office today. Spent half an hour getting registered with Autel and then installed the available updates via the included Micro-SD card.

Went down to the car, plugged the AL619 into the OBD2 port, went through the various menus and made my selections and within 3 minutes it showed my 4 ABS codes. Saved the info, cleared the codes and low and behold the 3 amigos + BRAKE light that have been hard-set since December disappeared. I still have to fix the causes but I am more than pleased with the immediate results.

Spent the next few minutes messing around with the OBD2 feature to find some other faults and look at freeze frame data. It's all very practical and easy to follow.


I have nothing but positive things to say. Previously our only options when clearing ABS codes were to go to a dealer and spend $100 for every scan, or pony up the $208 shipped cost for the single-vehicle, single function ABS Amigo. Now, for only $110 shipped, we can have all of the functions of the Amigo with the added function of the OBD2 scanning, live data, freeze frame, etc. It's truly a one-stop scanner for LR owners. And for $108 less than the Amigo.


I'm not trashing the Amigo, it's a cool unit that does its job, but I have no idea how they'll be able to compete with an Autel that is $108 cheaper while offering so much more in terms of versatility and functionality.


So, bottom line, the Autel AL619 does read and clear LR ABS codes without breaking a sweat. It was pricey, but now its price drops and considering the fact that it works on so many cars and resale value is likely to be quite high - it is justified. I'm a happy customer.